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Upcoming Clinics

Autumn 2019

I am working on a tour this fall into Southern Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Washington state, and the western USA. Topic will be include the effects of the motions of your horse, trimming/shoeing, saddle/harness fitting, bit fitting, and rider balance.

Contact Joel Bernier if you want to set up a clinic in your area.

Joel Bernier, Horse Clinics

Attention Horse Owner in Australia / New Zealand

Horse Clinics – January – March 2020

I have been given the opportunity to visit The B B Ranch in Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia in 2020 around January, February, and March and to host a clinic. You can learn more about this via a Facebook announcement here. There may also be an opportunity during this time to visit New Zealand as well.

I encourage you to learn more about Horse Clinics and Events at the B B Ranch by visiting the B B Ranch Facebook group as well.

These clinics will definitely help you help your horse in ways you never knew possible!

B B Ranch, New South Wales, Australia