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My First Apprentice

Thomas studied farrier work for four years in France. He came to Canada in the early 2000s for one summer to learn the American method. He also had been riding jumping horses since the age of 5.

Working with My Vet

Back in the day, I’ve been working with Jean-Luc for over 10 years.

Happy Customer

To whom it may concern;

I am writing on behalf of Mr. Joel Bernier regarding his expertise as a Equestrian Marshall Instructor.

Joel has extensive experience in working with horses, in particular in his farrier work of which I am highly recommending. He has tremendous ability to diagnose and correct the hoof of the horse, taking into consideration the whole skeletal and muscular structure of the horse, not merely looking at just the foot as a singular factor to soundness and correct motion.  I have never had a farrier discuss with me the “whole” horse as it pertains to corrective trimming and shoeing.  Every farrier I have ever used only considers the foot in diagnosing the trim or shoe needed.  Joel fully explains how a horse moves, and how a trim/shoe can effect the whole ability of the horse to function effectively, and with freedom of movement.   He also takes the time to explain what and why he is doing the trim or shoes and he takes the time to do the job correctly.  He does not rush and he takes care of the horse while working.  There is no harsh treatment of the horse which speaks volumes for his calm ability.

I have been in the horse industry for over 40 years, across Canada and into Texas and Florida.  I am a retired certified coach and trainer, and a saddle fit consultant.  I have owned many horses of several breeds and I have been involved in many equine associations over the years. I have experienced the anguish and loss of two of my favorite horses many years ago to what I now know was poor farrier work and my inexperience to question that work.   I have also worked with a certified farrier (now retired)  who questioned the “normally accepted way” of trimming and moved into her own very successful specialty of trimming foundered horses.

I now understand (and will question when needed) the whole area of equine hoof trimming. Joel will attest to my full questioning of his farrier theory and marshal experience.

I believe that the Canadian Equine Industry should take a more serious look at the whole Equestrian Marshall program and embrace it.   Joel has now been my farrier for over 3 years and I am 110% satisfied with his work.

His school would be a tremendous advancement to equine health and to the horse industry as a whole.

Linda D. Ridley
Winnipeg, MB
May 9, 2018

Photo of mare Sydney - My girl Sydney. On the right track to being sound. Love this mare.
So excited to say a horse I was told would have to have surgery on or put down due to Navicular is now sound simply by changing his trimming. Thank you so much to my amazing farrier Joel Bernier. The image you see is after just one trim.
Thank you for all the advise & being there for me over this very trying period with my horse.
Nice and great beginning.
Thank you Joel Bernier for helping me all the way with my epic move… Fort McMurray - Thunder Bay. 4 horses, 3 cats and my dog Able wow we didi it. I'll never forget your good nature, excellent horsemanship and what a driver… maintenance of truck on the road and horse care were the best ever. You are a great example of what we should be doing for each other whever we can (passing it forward). Good on ya.
Horses in trailer